Nazeera Salak

I am the blessed mother of one spunky little girl and wife to my inspiring husband. While I wear many hats, being a mother and wife are definitely the most important and blessed jobs I have. My daughter is the apple of my eye, and through raising her she has taught me more about life, compassion, and learning than any other experience in my life. Teaching is a natural extension of motherhood for me, and I also believe mothering is a natural extension of teaching as well. It is my belief that these two noble and huge responsibilities go hand in hand.

Currently, I am working as an education consultant at private and public schools in California while I am on sabbatical from my position of Director of Academics at RISE Academy in San Jose, CA. I previously worked as Director of Academics and Operations, Assistant Principal, K-8th grade Director, Preschool Supervisor, Afterschool Program Regional Director, Elementary Teacher, Middle School Science teacher, High School ELA teacher, and Coach to students on the Autism Spectrum. With my varied background of working in public and private schools both in the classroom and as an administrator, I have learned a lot of key insights into what it means to be both teach and learn, the unique struggles of start-up schools, and walking the line between what the perceived needs of students and what the actual needs are.

Working with adult learners as a trainer and coach is one of my greatest passions. I provide workshops, professional development trainings, mentoring, and love sharing my passion for education with other educators and parents. 

My personal education goes way back as I am a 4th generation teacher. With both parents as former teachers and a great-grandmother who started a school in Afghanistan- you could say teaching is in my genes. I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Multiple-Subject teaching credential, a master’s degree in Education with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction, certification in Positive Discipline, and a graduate certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard University. Additionally, over the years I have attended dozens of trainings and certification courses in a wide-variety of education topics ranging from project-based learning to crisis intervention. I am blessed to have been working in this space for 17 years and counting.

More importantly, I am someone who truly believes in the “holistic” education movement which involves parents, students and educators. As the ancient African proverb states, “it takes a village to raise a child”. I whole-heartedly believe in putting holistic growth of the child at the center of education, first reaching the heart in order to get to the mind. I want all of our children to experience education as God intended it, fully addressing the spiritual, social, emotional, aesthetic, physical, and intellectual faculties God has blessed us all with in varying capacities. It is my life’s mission to work passionately toward building a world where our children will meet their potentials, serve humanity and strengthen their bond with the Creator of us all. With parents, educators, and children working hand in hand we can achieve the unimaginable.

Your partner in education,

Nazeera Salak

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